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Services For Real Estate In Probate or Trust


We provide important services for real estate in probate or trust, supporting attorneys, executors, trustees and licensed fiduciaries.  We have experience with the special processes involved during probate and trust administration and provide confidential and professional on-site real property services.

Sales of Real Estate In Probate or Trust

Foxx and Associates has sold condos, single family homes, apartment complexes, and land held by estates, numerous banks and lenders, and corporations throughout the Tampa  Bay Area.  

Significant commission discounts may be offered for multiple property listings.


Inventory, Clean-Out and Repair

Estate administrators often value assistance with taking inventory of personal property left in a home, especially in second-to-die situations when the family is unable to assist.  We provide complete cataloging services, including photographs and assistance with obtaining expert valuations when appropriate.  During this process we will also work with families and administrators to identify items that may be donated, sold or discarded as the property is cleaned.  If required, we can arrange for licensed contractors to make any repairs needed prior to distribution to heirs or for sale.


Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Foxx and Associates has experience with preparing Broker Price Opinions for all types of residential properties, from condos to multi-family apartment complexes.  If required by the estate administrator, probate referee or probate court, we can also arrange for a licensed real estate appraiser to provide a more detailed valuation of real property.


Property Management

We provide temporary property management services for rental property in probate prior to sale or distribution to heirs.  If the estate administrator chooses to manage the property themselves, we provide “a la carte” services to assist with leasing, dealing with problem tenants, and other time-consuming issues.  


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