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Agents - Keep 100% of your Commissions, with only a $495 Broker fee!

Now hiring!

- Are you REALLY STILL  GIVING AWAY 30-50%  of your hard earned
commissions to your Broker? 

-Do you like our Agent philosophy of
"Work wherever YOU want to, come to
the office whenever YOU need to"


Apply Today. Start Today!

If you want to keep most of your commissions, and pay a small Broker fee to Foxx and Associates, and are experienced enough to work independently, you DESERVE BETTER!

We Pay Our Agents **100% **of their  commissions, with NO MINIMUM
COMMISSION TARGET TO HIT FIRST, minus $495 broker fee!* 

(Example - $10,000 commission = $9505 paid to agent!) 

Free use of fully equipped BEACH VIEW WINDOW office  full-time receptionist, expansive conference room and all new office computers, printers, etc.  


*Monthly dues can be paid annually for $549, a 40% discount, making them $46/monthly instead of $75/monthly



-Free Use of Executive offices in downtown Clearwater - private office, conference room, fax, phones, copier, scanner, and office supplies.

-Inbound buyer leads for no charge!

-Ability to preview and show our REO properties in "pre-list" status, before listed in MLS.

-General Liability $2,000,000  and E&O coverage of $1,000,000

-Commissions paid at closing if using closing table disbursement authorization form.

-Buyer leads from our 877 toll free number and our interactive website

-Free listing in our online agent directory

-In-house mortgage company for hard to finance buyer and investors !                


                                               Click Here to Apply!



What our agents are saying:  

"Working with Foxx & Associates has been a pleasure. Their years of experience allows them to provide the support you need, whether you are a seasoned agent or just starting out.  If you are looking for 100% commissions and quick payments at closing, this is the brokerage for you!! "
Ann C. 
9 year agent with Foxx and Associates    

 "After becoming a real estate agent it was difficult to find an office that actually gave me something of value in return for my commission split.

Now that I joined Foxx and Associates I've closed multiple sales from their buyers leads, I also have free access to resources which have helped my business grow exponentially. Broker support is the best I've experienced without any question!"

John Manzi , Realtor                                                 



"I was exploring a new direction in real estate after 20+ years in On-Site New Home Sales, property management and mortgage lending.
After meeting with Foxx and Associates I thought "what do I have to lose" by trying the REO/Bank owned market? I quickly realized under their leadership, extensive knowledge and team support, it is all about how much I have gained! "

    Debi Wood, Realtor                                        



"Foxx and Associates is the small, productive office I was looking for. 

No hidden fees, no extra charges; just a classy office with an honest Broker that actually picks up the phone on the weekends. I truly believe Rick and Christine Foxx have my best interest in mind, and it is a pleasure to work with them."


Dan Nease,Realtor

Foxx & Associates

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  2 Agent Pay Plans are available!!


Option 1 - 100% commission, you receive 100% of your listing or sales commission, minus $495 broker fee, monthly office dues $75 

Option 2 - $549 Annual Dues,(Reduced to $46 per month if you pay yearly one-time payment of $549) you receive 100% of your listing or sales commission, minus the $495/closing broker fee


No floor time requirements for either program

(All plans offer Free buyer leads, business cards and signs)





Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Foxx and Associates ?

-Bank owned listing inventory - you have access to 10 or properties that you can advertise, hold open houses, and most of all SELL and CLOSE, with a open line of communication DIRECT to the broker , so you always know the status of the properties.  No more wasting time on properties that are with other offices, and may already have a contract in process!

-Our 100% commission programs with LOW MONTHLY FEES programs are the best in the real estate industry.

-All of our commission programs include free E&O insurance, free use of our executive offices and conference room, and many other extremely valuable tools which will enable you to develop your real estate business and take it to new heights. We encourage a positive work environment and an open line of communication between our real estate agents.


Do I need my own signs, business cards, etc?

 We provide artwork for your business cards, signs, and free monogramming of any shirts you may want to have your name and company name on.

We provide the sign panels , all you need is the name riders for your signs, which can be purchased for $5 from our sign company. 

You are also free to order a custom sign with your name on it, picture, etc, but please email Rick Foxx for final approval so we can ensure it is in compliance with State requirements. (You are also free to order ANY custom cards you wish, as long as it clearly states our office address and has "Foxx and Associates " named as the brokerage.)


Do you provide office space or a conference room?

Yes !! Office space is provided for you to meet clients, make copies, use the phones, or whatever. Private office with all -new computer, fax/copier/scanner, or bring in your laptop and we can sync it to work wirelessly with the printer/scanner.

 We also offer use of a executive conference room,just call (727)210-1390 to book the conference for your scheduled meeting.



How soon do I get paid after an escrow closes?


We usually have title companies wire the commission the same day as the closing, and you get paid that same day.

As soon as we have the final HUD-1 and funds in the account, you can get paid at the office. You may also request a check be cut directly to you at closing, using the agent commission payment authorization, located in the "Agent Resources" tab on the left.


Can I negotiate my commissions with clients?

Yes. The law provides that real estate brokers and agents are free to negotiate their own sales commissions.


 Am I free to use any lender, title or escrow company in my transactions?

Yes. Although we have great working relationships with many vendors and/or service providers, you are free to select the services that best suit your clients’ needs. A regional list of reputable service providers is easily accessible and readily available on website.


What forms does Foxx and Associates use and where can I find them?

Many contract forms and REO-specific  forms are in the Agent Resource Center, and we are adding many "Example" forms daily, so you can easily fill out contracts following the templates provided.

We also use state or local Realtor association approved forms, found on the MLS.



What if I refer a client to another broker and receive a referral fee?

Foxx and Associates agents may receive a referral fee from another real estate broker. Foxx and Associates fee will be 10% of the referral fee.


How do I get broker support?

You can always call or email the broker, Rick Foxx, direct.
We are a pretty close group, so you can always go to the company directory, and email or call any agent for help, if the broker is not available.


How soon can I join Foxx and Associates?

  Today !

Simply follow our easy application steps by clicking the "Agent Application" button on the sidebar on the left side of the page.


 Do you give agents REO listings? 

Yes, we have done this already.

 As the REO broker for many major accounts, we list REO properties in varying volumes, depending on the clients needs.

 If we have the need for assistance on the listing side, we may ask a high-performing agent on our staff to assist for a portion of the listing side.

All of our agents may earn commission by selling any of our listings.



What can agents expect if they join Foxx and Associates? 

We offer the following to our agents:

-100% commission payouts ($495 broker fee per closing, that's it.)

-Inbound buyer leads for no charge!

-Ability to preview and show our REO properties in "pre-list" status, before listed in MLS.

-Use of Executive offices in downtown Clearwater.

-General Liability $2,000,000  and E&O coverage of $1,000,000

-Commissions paid at closing if using one of our approved title partners.

-Buyer leads from our 877 toll free number and our interactive website

-Free listing in our online agent directory

-In-house title and escrow services.




Do you offer training to new associates?

Yes ! We do offer training to new agents, through both our own training classes, and one-on-one mentoring.

If you choose the mentor program, we assign you an experienced agent, who will share in your commission income, until you are ready to be independent as an agent.

Please call us at 1-877-538-6868 for more details.





-You must be a licensed agent or broker associate, or about to be licensed,  with no history of complaints filed against you.



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Disclaimer : Foxx and Associates LLC,  and Foxx and Associates Mortgage LLC are separate entities and independent of one another for business purposes.

Using the services of either LLC does not require the use of the other, unless you, the client, choose to do do so. 

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