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I moved from one of the LARGEST Remax franchises in Florida, and working at Foxx and Associates has been the best! I can actually get my Broker on the phone, I get paid 100% of my commission minus the Broker fee, and even paid the SAME DAY as the closing. 

5 stars and I would recommend working for Foxx and Associates to anyone!

Dan Nease, Agent since 2014

"Working with Foxx & Associates has been a pleasure. Their years of experience allows them to provide the support you need, whether you are a seasoned agent or just starting out.  If you are looking for fast commissions and quick payments at closing, this is the brokerage for you!! "
Sasha, Foxx and Associates agent for 9 years
Residential & Investment Real Estate    

 "After becoming a real estate agent it was difficult to find an office that actually gave me something of value in return for my commission split.

Now that I joined Foxx and Associates I've closed multiple sales from their buyers leads, I also have free access to resources which have helped my business grow exponentially. Broker support is the best I've experienced without any question!"

John M. , Realtor                                                 



"I was exploring a new direction in real estate after 20+ years in On-Site New Home Sales, property management and mortgage lending.
After meeting with Foxx and Associates I thought "what do I have to lose" by trying the REO/Bank owned market? I quickly realized under their leadership, extensive knowledge and team support, it is all about how much I have gained! "

    Debi Wood, Realtor                                        



To: Rick Foxx                                                                         

From: Morgan B (Former agent)

Re: Agent testimonial about Brokerage

As an experienced agent I can honestly say it was like a blessing in the skies to come across Foxx and associates. Before I came to Foxx and associates I was at another firm that maintains a big name in real estate and as good as it was for me to be there as a newer agent, I couldn’t be happier about being with Foxx and associates as a more experienced agent. Rick makes my job easier than any other broker ever could. Getting paid at closing is also a huge plus and is only one of the many perks to be working at this brokerage.

For Realtors TIME is money and Foxx and associates helps you save time and MAKE more money. They also uphold a very high standard to how we treat our customers and that helps set the bar high where it needs to be for all agents in this industry.

So Thank you Rick Foxx for helping me build my business as I continue to grow and serve my customers!

Morgan B.(Former agent)

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